HR Solutions helps Scandinavian companies conquer the US

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“Capitalizing on business opportunities in the U.S., boils down to understanding all cross-cultural differences between the Scandinavian and US markets” – Gunilla Girardo

Gunilla Girardo joined YER USA in the fall of 2017.  Originally from Sweden, she has spent almost 30 years in the U.S. and most of her career has consisted of helping companies in a variety of industries grow and succeed in the United States. Besides being a successful recruiter, she currently spearheads YER USA’s payroll solutions for Scandinavia. This one-stop-shop takes care of payroll compliance, taxes, benefits, and more for smaller companies and start-ups that want to conquer the US, so they can focus on what matters most: managing and growing their businesses.

Gunilla: “I have spent most of my life in the US. Before becoming a recruiter, I built a career helping companies in a variety of industries grow and succeed in the fragmented, complex, and exciting US market. I served in leadership roles in various organizations, such as the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, which during my 10-year tenure grew to be a significant player in transatlantic trade and business. Another proud moment in my career was leading the Mentor Foundation, founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden, where my ability to network and bring companies together was essential to realize the mission of the organization.

My current role within YER USA consists of executive recruiting, as well as spearheading our payroll solution for Nordic countries. It builds on everything I have done professionally so far: connecting companies from Scandinavia with business opportunities in the United States. This boils down to understanding all cross-cultural differences between the Scandinavian and US markets and solid and sustainable business matchmaking, which is what we offer through our recruiting expertise. All in all, I am proud to say that YER USA created the conclusive payroll package for Scandinavian companies aiming to conquer the USA.”

The full-service solution removes all obstacles to entering the US market


“If I had been able to offer a payroll and benefits solution during the past 25+ years, it would have enabled many small companies with turnkey solutions to take advantage of lucrative market opportunities in the U.S.  Instead, I’ve seen numerous Scandinavian entrepreneurs invest staggering amounts of time and money in starting their legal entity here: hire immigration and labor lawyers, sign up for all sorts of insurances, buy dental and health benefits packages on the expensive open market, write an American employee handbook, register with the state secretary, and labor department, and so much more. All these upfront investments before even beginning to sell their products and generate revenue.

With YER’s payrolling service smaller companies and start-ups can focus on what matters most: managing and growing their businesses.

We have designed our payroll service specifically for smaller companies that have just entered or are planning to enter the complex US market. It takes away the most pressing pain points by removing all obstacles that I’ve seen during my career. We unburden you fully with payroll services for your employee(s) without hidden fees and guarantee a one-day turnaround upon receiving a complete information pack.

Besides this, we present all costs on one monthly bill, and you can cancel anytime without penalties, no questions asked. All without the need for you to incorporate and register with departments of labor. YER USA has offices from coast to coast and supports you in your native language when preferred.”


Combination payroll and recruitment leads to added successes


“Our payroll service can be used standalone, or in combination with the recruitment of American or international talent. During my time at YER USA, I have had the absolute privilege of working together with smaller companies that are entering the US market with turnkey disruptive technologies. You might think it would be difficult to recruit for these young companies, because they don’t have a presence here, yet.  On the contrary, I have recruited quite a few top-notch candidates from large well-known organizations to fill leadership positions for these small companies.

You see, finding these ‘gems’ is not a problem for us when you as a company have a great product and share the right message. YER USA takes shared responsibility for the latter, as we represent your company and are fully committed to selling it to the right professionals in our extended networks. We are the first impression they get of your company, so we focus thoroughly on getting your message and USPs across in the right way—to the right talent pool.

And once the offer letter is signed, we help your new employee navigate, on board, get on our payroll, and get the benefits they deserve through our payroll service. You cannot do this easily from Scandinavia, so YER USA is here to eliminate bumps in the road towards American business success.”


*** Are you a Scandinavian entrepreneur, business owner, or manager with plans (or dreams) to conquer the United States? Our payroll and recruitment services are fully customizable to your company’s specific needs. Contact Gunilla Girardo to talk about your possibilities. ***