Luca Viggiano

Talent Acquisition Specialist

About Luca

Luca was born and raised in Italy and moved to the US in January 2018 to pursue an MBA at Saint Francis University. After graduating, he worked as a leasing consultant before joining YER USA.

Luca is fluent in Italian and English, with some knowledge of Spanish and French. As a Director Italian Desk, he assists European companies with their hiring needs in the US and helps find the right candidate in this multifaceted and diverse country. Luca believes that finding the right candidate is crucial in the development and growth of a company, especially when facing the many challenges of the North American market.

Luca lives in Philadelphia, is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan and would love to meet Warren Buffett. He enjoys travelling, eating pizza (with no pineapple on it) and watching sports on tv.





M +1 610 312 7243
T +1 404 567 5610