Since starting with YER-USA some 7 years ago, I have found “our world” fascinating.

The diversity of corporations and industries we serve is truly amazing! My colleagues and I assist these hidden champions, striving to find the best possible talent in the market. This is a task we tackle each day with enthusiasm and pride, knowing that finding the perfect match will be instrumental in the continued success of these businesses in the North American market.

I find the multi-cultural set-up of YER-USA to be particularly enriching. It helps me maintain a connection to my European roots – the best of both worlds!

Above all, YER-USA is a company made up of entrepreneurs and sound professionals. Our agility and willingness to adapt with a can-do mentality brought us the success we’ve enjoyed since 2007. I enjoy the freedom to run my own business within the business with a great set of colleagues that make for a tremendous knowledge base