Jelle De Mey

Director Belgian Desk

About Jelle

Jelle was born and raised in Belgium (with roots in the Netherlands) and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing. He has over 2 decades B2B sales leadership experience with companies from various industries in Belgium, the Middle East and the United States, making him an expert in navigating cultural variances in business environments and bridging potential communication gaps.

Jelle partners with Belgian and other European companies to help them find local top talent in the United States using a highly consultative, personalized and bespoke approach.

Since 2019, Jelle has been living in Orange County, CA with his wife, 2 kids and his dog Lowie. He enjoys cooking, Belgian beer and photography. Living in southern California, you will find him often riding his Italian road bike along the coastal roads or on a long hike in the Laguna Beach wilderness park.


M + 1 657 504 6887
T +1 404 567 5610