Fabian Becker

Principal & Sr. Director European Desk

About Fabian

Born and raised in Germany, Fabian holds a Degree in International Business Administration. Before moving to Norfolk, Virginia in 2008, he worked in Germany for a global industrial manufacturing company where he was responsible for the American, European and Asian markets. As a Director European Desk at YER USA, Fabian connects European and American cultures by recruiting top talent for his clients. Located in New York City, Fabian uses his consulting and advisory background in International Business Development to successfully help European companies grow and expand their business in America.

Besides his love for traveling, exploring different cultures and learning new languages, Fabian enjoys gathering with friends over a wine tasting in the city or to try out new restaurants. He also plays tennis and enjoys going to the movies.


M +1 332-205-1808
T +1 404 567 5610