Amanda Cepero

Talent Acquisition Specialist

About Amanda

Amanda is a professional with roots in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Although her early education took place in Georgia, Amanda embarked on an adventure after earning her Bachelor’s Degree, pursuing postgraduate studies in London, England, at City University London.

Before finding her place in the recruitment field, Amanda explored a career in communications within the hospital food service industry. Collaborating with diverse teams, she contributed to bringing projects to life and crafting engaging content. Prior to that, Amanda worked in the world of coffee imports and retail, managing responsibilities ranging from social media campaigns to quality control, order fulfillment, budget management, and international agreements.

Throughout her career, Amanda has gained experience in hospitality, operations, and communications, and she is currently celebrating her fifth year in recruiting. Leveraging her diverse background in customer service and corporate support, Amanda ensures a candidate experience centered on empathy and respect. Cultivating authentic and productive relationships with stakeholders is at the core of her approach.

Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, with her fiancé and two dogs, Amanda spends her free time exploring new places, enjoying quality time with friends, savoring delicious food, and taking leisurely walks.


M +1 470 603 3385
T +1 404 567 5610