Robert Klaassen

Director European Desk

About Robert

Robert grew up in the Netherlands and also lived and worked in Austria for over 11 years where he became very familiar with the Austrian culture. Robert also lived in France for a few years and moved to the U.S. in 1997. He is fluent in Dutch, English, German, and French; has extensive international experience in operations management, financial consulting, and sales services. Robert has worked in manufacturing, maintenance, engineering, and supply chain & logistics. He has a passion for helping people grow and thrive in their careers as well as in their personal lives. At YER-USA, he understands the needs and challenges facing executives, hiring managers, and entrepreneurs.

Robert, who lives in Richmond, Virginia, enjoys spending time with his family, working around the house, and watching sports.


M +1 804 909 2503
T +1 404 567 5610