Dominique Carter

FSE Desk Consultant

About Dominique

Dominique was born in Honolulu, Hawaii where she spent her early years before moving around the United States as a daughter of 2 active-duty military parents. She moved to a country-side city in Georgia in 2005 where she has spent most of her life. While earning her Bachelor’s Degree in business communications from Kennesaw State University, Dominique was given an opportunity to start a very successful and rewarding career in technical talent acquisition.

She is honored to have joined the Field Service Desk at YER USA as a Recruiter in March 2023.

Living in Metro-Atlanta, Dominique enjoys spending her free time traveling the world with her friends and family, enjoying domestic and international cultures, shopping and eating delicious food.


M +1 770 286 7453
T +1 404 567 5610