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Service Engineer

HGG - Houston, TX

In the role of Service Engineer, you will provide customer support for HGG’s installed machines. You will diagnose, troubleshoot, repair and solve interference issues and maintenance of overhaul work on location and take responsibility for continued customer satisfaction.

This opportunity provides a lot of variety and exposure to different clients, with extensive travel and a very attractive position for candidates who like the challenge of facing technical issues in front of demanding customers.


HGG is a Dutch-based fast-growing and leading supplier of 3D CNC pipe cutting machines and robot profile cutting lines for coping beams and hollow sections. In addition, they offer cutting services at their service centers. HGG’s 3D cutting machines offer their customers absolute freedom in the preparation of steel pipes, beams, tubes, and other profiles, regardless of dimensions or qualifications. Grinding becomes superfluous and both fit and welding time are limited to a minimum. That is why their cutting machines are successfully used in a variety of branches such as the structural steel industry, offshore industry, shipbuilding, industry and the piping industry.

Besides developing profiling machines HGG also operates as an international subcontractor. Work can be done at the facility in The Netherlands, but transportable machines are also available to work on site at any desired location worldwide. To sustain their growth in the US they are looking for a Service Engineer working from Houston.


The service engineer will be responsible to solve interference issues and maintenance or overhaul work on location.

Solve Machine failures

  • Investigate a disturbance on site, identify the cause and ensure proper solutions.
  • Test of the repaired machine in the presence of the customer.
  • Inform the customer about the work and progress.
  • Call in help from specialists when necessary.

Maintenance of machines

  • Commit preventive maintenance as a result of a service contract or question from customer.
  • Check the state and condition of the machine and read the log files of the machine on the basis of the maintenance protocols and the service contract.
  • Take care of adaptation, such as the software update process, by lubricating the machine, or replacing parts.
  • Recondition or modernization of machines.
  • Take care of signed service reporting.

Other tasks

  • Give recommendations to improve the service, both internally and externally.
  • Instruct and train (maintenance) employees on location based on the findings.
  • Support the production department when installing machines on location.
  • Comply with the HGG and legal (quality) rules and standards.


  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year polytechnical college or university or equivalent knowledge in the field of electro-technology.
  • 5+ years of service experience in an industrial field service role.
  • Understanding of 3-Dimensional coordinates/planes and trigonometry.
  • Knowledge of machinery, including mechanical, electrical, control technology, machine and software features.
  • Knowledge of set-up, alignment, and adjustment of machinery.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
  • Experience in working in an international field service environment and project-based organization.
  • Proven self-starter who can work without direct supervision.
  • Good communication and customer relations skills.
  • Ability and willingness to travel.
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