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Director European Desk

YER-USA - Atlanta, GA


  • Advise customers’ HR departments and hiring managers on planning and implementing recruitment strategies, performance management of employees and other Human Resource consulting leading to increased clarity of goals and employee engagement. Help companies to define new performance management philosophy and key principles for a leaner and more engaging performance management approach.
  • Identify customers’ employment needs, with concentration on high and mid- level positions, including employment policies, position details, duties, compensation, benefits, working conditions, etc. Advise to and consult with customers, which are European companies and organizations and U.S. subsidiaries of international organizations and European companies on best Human Resources strategies and practices to implement in their organizations and help them recruit and retain the best talent for their high-level and mid-level positions.
  • Run executive search, approach, interview, test, assess, and select high potential professionals and managers for mid and high-level positions, ensuring their compatibility and success in the U.S. by selecting best-fit mission driven world-class professionals. Provide guidance and information to candidates throughout the process. Optimized recruitment processes by developing and implementing best practices.
  • Implement knowledge of U.S. and European Human Resource and employment laws and regulations. Ensure recruitment and Human Resource functions comply with federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Work with ISO-certified assessment tools and proprietary methods to predict future successful behavior in selecting the right talent for any specific position. Create testing programs for candidates, plan and modify assessment tools and implement including B360 degree Assessments.
  • Work with companies’ HR and Compensation teams to provide competitive salaries and rewards to attract, recruit, and retain top talent.
  • Help customers’ HR departments in the design of onboarding programs, online training programs, company’s career website pages, to help in recruitment and HR goals and in the onboarding of newly appointed managers to ensure successful onboarding.
  • Promoted Diversity & Inclusion initiatives by updating the recruitment procedures, including implementing policies to facilitate the integration of disabled trainees in the workplace.
  • Work with customers’ HR departments on finalizing service contracts and annual / bi- annual recruitment budgets.

Requirements: Master’s degree in Human Resource Management or foreign degree equivalent plus 2 years’ experience in the job offered or closely related such as staff file manager recruiting and filling vacancies for international organizations.


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