Reboot your Business with Corporate Agility

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On May 21, 2020, YER USA proudly hosted corporate agility expert, Hans Amell, for a webinar on the timely topic of “Rebooting your Business with Corporate Agility.”

We are all dealing with the Now What and What If questions as we are starting to re-open at the same time as we are re-inventing the way we used to do business. Now more than ever before, leaders need to look at the organizational changes that must be made in order to identify the iceberg and quickly navigate around them.

In this webinar, Hans explains how to quickly & accurately identify problems, determine the best resolution, respond with agility AND tackle the four biggest inhibitors of agility. In case you missed it, we recorded this webinar and you will find it HERE.

Hans Amell is an author, entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Catalyst Intl and the Minerva Group, and CEO at DragonWaveX.

He has spent his entire career transforming corporations to be agile in both thought and execution. Hans is a Harvard trained Swede who has lived in the USA since 1987. He is a McKinsey alumni and former Executive Officer of leading global corporations such as Dun & Bradstreet Group, Cognizant Corp, Ericsson and others.


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Gunilla Girardo at gunillagirardo@yer.com