Szymon Klopocki

Director International Desk

About Szymon

Szymon draws his expertise from 15+ years of cooperating internationally with manufacturers, exporters, and R&D facilities on developing new products, implementing innovations, scaling operations, and capturing new market opportunities. For a Polish software company Szymon pioneered the way to the US market and learned how to navigate the US competitive, legal and market landscape with confidence.

During his 5+ years as business development director in Silicon Valley, Szymon witnessed countless cases where efforts put into local talent acquisition quickly catapulted projects to astonishing results. Learning that attracting the right talent is superior to elaborating the right strategy has shifted Szymon’s focus from market, metrics and tools to people, their skillsets and potential.

Szymon joined YER USA to share his expertise with hiring managers and work alongside ambitious companies to attract and hire the best local talent as they venture into the world’s most rewarding market.

Szymon is fluent in English, Spanish and Polish and communicates in German and French. In his free time he enjoys traveling the world with his wife, hiking, exploring the national parks, surfing, sailing, and stargazing.


M +1 415 407 1022
T +1 404 567 5610