Andrés Valencia

Director Dutch/Spanish Desk

About Andrés

Born in the Netherlands from Chilean parents, Andrés has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Chile, Spain and the United States. He is fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, and conversational in French.

Andrés has worked with European, Chilean, and American companies in hospitality, healthcare and international trade & development. With an extensive business travel and experience, Andrés has a unique understanding of the challenges that European and South American companies are facing in North America. His background allows him to successfully support foreign companies by attracting the very best talent as they set foot in the US.

Andrés and his wife live in Chicago. He enjoys cooking, running, and traveling. When he is not hunting for talent, you might find him playing with his dog in one of the many beautiful parks in Chicago.


M +1 312 533 7156
T +1 312 445 6488